We offer wide variety of services

Natural Rock & Manufactured Block
Retaining Walls & Steps
Interlock Patio's & side walks

We take pride in our creations with natural & manufactured stone. Starting with the proper equipment for a good excavation ,compacted base with good drainage , through to excavator mounted rotary grapple for setting rocks precisely in place & vacuum saw for neat ,tidy and dust free cutting of pavers to a durable finish with high quality polymeric sand and adhesives we sweat over getting it right the first time. We source most of our natural rock quarry direct to get you the best quality and price, we also stock a selection of natural product giving us the opportunity to over supply the job site so we have the advantage of a greater selection for a better fit and finish. We can source pavers from several suppliers to give you a custom look that is truly yours.

New Lawn Seeding - Areavating & Over Seeding
Lawn Fertilizer Sales & Application

We are well equipped and experienced for prepping & seeding new lawns. With a compact track loader with a tilt/4in1 bucket for final grades & rotary tillers with rippers & Harley power box rake for an ideal seed bed. Our skidsteer mounted rock picker makes quick work of picking and loading rocks and debris onto a truck or dump trailer. We seed with a tractor mounted Land pride primary seeder which presses seed into the ground for better germination and less erosion. We use Premium Seed Mixture for average lawn areas and speciality Shade and Environmental Mixtures for less than ideal and shaded areas. For regular area rating and repair of stressed lawns we use our Steiner tractor with front mounted areavator with powered vibrating tines to get deep penetration & loosening of soil with no ugly core plug deposits.We also have a 3 pt hitch mounted slit seeder for over seeding badly damaged lawns . We sell a high quality slow release lawn fertilizer & also offer professional application.

Trenching - Finish Grading &
Demolition - Stump Grinding

Our Stump grinder is excavator mounted for minimal repositioning and allows us to grind deep for maximum topsoil coverage when resodding or planting. We have a compact truck loader with a tilt/4 in 1 bucket for final grading and general skidsteer work. We have two mini excavators (3 1/2+ & 5+) with 12", 24", 30" tilt buckets and thumbs for trenches, grading and demolition. The 5+ can be equipped with a hydraulic breaker for concrete breaking. We have a slope lazer for accurate digging and grading of slopes.

Driveway Sanding & Snow Blowing
Mini Excavator Quipped With Hammer Bucket to Penetrate Frozen Ground

When you need to dig and the ground is frozen, we have a pick bucket with hydraulic hammer with a frost blade built into the bucket and mounted on out 5+ excavator for penetration of frozen ground even in tight spots. We spread pickled sand for a gritty solution to your icy barn yard and lane way or if you prefer we can spread bagged ice salt to melt down to concrete or ashphalt. Our tractors and snow blowers remove snow quickly and places out of the ways so that drifting snow does not accumulate as quickly as it does with a snow plow window.